Brake and Clutch

Fitzroy Crossing Brake and Clutch services by Crossing Auto & Towing.

Safety & Reliability is our priority.
We aim to keep you on the road, and get you to your destination safely. In outback WA this is even More Important! Regular inspection and maintenance of your brake and clutch systems will go a long way in ensuring that unexpected break downs don’t happen to you.


By keeping the brake components  of your car up to scratch, you can ensure you have the best chance of stopping in an emergency. Often a poor performing braking system will only become evident in an extreme braking situation.

fitzroy crossing brake and clutch


Problems with a slipping or grinding clutch can be damaging for your vehicle’s transmission, and can quickly lead to clutch failure. Our skilled technicians can assess the problem and recommend any repairs or necessary adjustments. Often clutch issues will first become evident during high load bearing situations such as towing or hill starting, and if not rectified will soon occur during normal daily driving.

fitzroy crossing brake and clutch
Our mechanical workshop is equipped with all the necessary tools to repair or adjust the clutch in your car, light commercial or 4WD. We have access to a comprehensive range of bearings, cables and clutch plates to get your vehicle in driveable condition again.