Aircon Servicing & Repairs

Automotive Air-conditioning Fitzroy Crossing

Aircon Servicing & Repair by Crossing Auto & Towing

We are a member of VASA (Vehicle Air conditioning Specialists of Australasia) and are qualified to maintain all new air conditioning systems. Should your vehicle require a new system we also have you covered with experience in cars and commercial vehicles of all kinds!

Our affordable services include:

  • A full system check – belts, pulleys, hoses, valves, compressor, thermostat, heat exchanger etc.
  • A re-gas of your car’s air conditioning on completion of an inspection.
  • A complete system check and temperature monitoring for overall performance.

Why is an aircon re-gas is important?

Re gassing prevents your system becoming stale and inefficient. By ensuring the gas system is at optimal levels, your automotive aircon will continue to function effectively, keeping you cool in those hot summer months. Don’t forget: an efficient system requires less power input from your car’s engine, meaning better fuel economy and less chance of over heating.

Automotive Air-conditioning Fitzroy Crossing

Benefits of regular maintenance

  • Reduced repair costs: Regular maintenance from a team of professionals allows issues to be identified and addressed early before they become expensive. Replacing faulty parts is less expensive than replacing a whole unit.
  • System longevityMaintenance has been proven to improve the lifespan of an air con unit as well as its performance.

Automotive Air-conditioning Fitzroy Crossing